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Punkt recepcyjny Global Expo dla uchodźców z Ukrainy zlokalizowany w Warszawie przy ulicy Modlińskiej 6d

Przyjaciele z USA

Thanks to Amy Shaper from the USA

We do out best to ensure that children and teenagers spend some time actively playing in a carefree atmosphere. It is important to give them at least a glimpse of normalcy.

Przyjaciele z USA

Thank you to Jan Alberti and her friends from the US

The kindness and selflessness of volunteers who have have been visiting our centre is extremely inspiring. More over, because they often come from different parts of the world, for whom the visit is a major trip.

Aid from the USA from amazing David!

My dear friends, can you see this?! The entire wall of suitcases that shortly will be in hands of our guests! There are, oh no, just a moment ago there were exactly 99 of them. We are touched by the aid we receive from all over the world.

3, 248 kilometers …

… this is exactly how much firefighters from Ayuntamiento de Motril traveled to us to bring all the most necessary things – food, medicines, etc. Thank you.

Aid from America!

If you are following our group on FB, you have certainly seen our recent call for washing machines and dryers … Our volunteers from the United States – Mariia and Ella responded to this call. They organised a fundraiser among their family and friends, thanks to which they managed to buy more than 20 devices!

Help without limits!

Help without limits!
Today we would like to honor Ms Krystyna from Ursynów, our wonderful senior who, despite her beautiful age of 92, still helps needy. Thank you very much for the organized fundraiser! All things are already with Ukrainian refugees .

Aid from Switzerland

Thank you so much Sophie for sending that much needed aid straight from Zurich! We received medicines, clothes and food …

Frisco from the US!

Help for Ukrainian refugees 💙💛 staying at our point comes from different parts of the world 🌍 Today, we received a package from wonderful Janet who together with her German friends purchased the products from our „most wanted” list.