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Aid from the USA from amazing David!

Punkt recepcyjny Global Expo dla uchodźców z Ukrainy zlokalizowany w Warszawie przy ulicy Modlińskiej 6d

Aid from the USA from amazing David!

My dear friends, can you see this?! The entire wall of suitcases that shortly will be in hands of our guests! There are, oh no, just a moment ago there were exactly 99 of them. We are touched by the aid we receive from all over the world. Please remember – wherever you are, you can help at Modlińska Street! David Entin from the United States, who is the author of this incredible flood of suitcases, came to this conclusion and decided to help us. 🙂 We are deeply touched that our message reached to the other side of the world. And on this occasion, David together with Agata, our liaison officer to the USA, decided to visit us at Modlińska Street ❤

Thank you, dear!

And thank you to everyone else who, no matter where they are, write to us and ask how to help. It is touching and much appreciated ❤