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Bergerat Monnoyeur France and Belgium, Agacad Lietuva

Punkt recepcyjny Global Expo dla uchodźców z Ukrainy zlokalizowany w Warszawie przy ulicy Modlińskiej 6d

Bergerat Monnoyeur France and Belgium, Agacad Lietuva

Contact with loved ones is one of the most important things our guests need at the moment. Thanks to the companies Bergerat Monnoyeur France, Bergerat Monnoyeur Belgium and Agacad Lietuva, our guests who lost or damaged their phones on the way to us have now a chance to get new devices.

This wonderful device allows them to find out what is happening with their relatives in Ukraine, but also help them, for example, when looking for a flat or a job in Poland. Therefore, although it does not seem to be the first aid item, in fact having a mobile phone is crucial nowadays.

Therefore, on behalf of our guests – thank you! 💙💛