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Punkt recepcyjny Global Expo dla uchodźców z Ukrainy zlokalizowany w Warszawie przy ulicy Modlińskiej 6d

Regardless of where you’re from and which languages you speak – we need your help! If you’re able to go to Modlińska 6D in Warsaw – join our family of Volunteers. You don’t have to speak Ukrainian nor Russian – or even Polish! There are many jobs which do not require you to speak any of these languages. Besides, most of us speak English, so we’ll manage somehow 🙂

The most important thing is for you to bring a smile and be willing to help out those in need.

In order to help, all you need to do is to come and register at the reception. However, it would help us out if you’d inform us about your presence on our Facebook group for Volunteers, so we’ll be aware of the number of people who are planning to come. If you’re traveling from a long distance and need some more information beforehand, contact us on What’sApp: +48 504 077 437 (Gosia) – we’ll answer all of your questions <3

Some advice: if you’d like to better communicate with our guests and you don’t know either Ukrainian or Russian, download the Google Translate app. It has a “conversation” option which really helps.

If you’re a medical doctor/nurse, BEAR IN MIND that in order to work with patients in Poland, you need to have a work permit valid in Poland or a validated diploma. If you did not complete these formalities, you may only tend to patients in the presence of a medical doctor with such credentials. In other words, before you arrive from the other side of the world, make sure to reach out to us on What’sApp to let us plan out a schedule for these doctors :). International Medical Relief from the US is also helping out in our medical center, so you could also join them and come here as their volunteer :).