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💙💛 We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💙💛

Punkt recepcyjny Global Expo dla uchodźców z Ukrainy zlokalizowany w Warszawie przy ulicy Modlińskiej 6d

We would like to thank to the group of volunteers from AbbVie

Thank you so much for your visit and for the wonderful work done on site by AbbVie employees. They were helping from the start with the most necessary jobs.

Energizer supplied our Easter Bunny …

Energizer donates huge amount of soft toys characters from animation “Sing”, thanks to them the Bunny could give each child something soft this Easter.

Volunteer and dinosaur from AstraZeneca

We would like to thank AstraZeneca for a great approach and enabling a group of 20 employees to visit Modlińska during working hours.

Aid from America!

If you are following our group on FB, you have certainly seen our recent call for washing machines and dryers … Our volunteers from the United States – Mariia and Ella responded to this call. They organised a fundraiser among their family and friends, thanks to which they managed to buy more than 20 devices!

YWAM France

We often highlight how wonderful it is that the whole world is with us at Modlińska 6D.

A visit from Sky and the PAW Patrol team

We have written many times – you have to know how to help. And you do. At every step you amaze us with your incredibly thoughtful help. Today we were visited by representatives of Life Church Warsaw – including Sky from Paw Patrol!

We really don’t know what to say ..

Thank you very much for taking care of the basic needs of our guests, such as clean, comfortable clothing, clean sheets, hairbrushes, and for making them to feel more comfortable with us.

Help without limits!

Help without limits!
Today we would like to honor Ms Krystyna from Ursynów, our wonderful senior who, despite her beautiful age of 92, still helps needy. Thank you very much for the organized fundraiser! All things are already with Ukrainian refugees .

Man cannot live by “washing”alone …

Thank you to the volunteers from YWAM in the USA.

Employee volunteering is great!

Every volunteer at Modlińska 6D is worth its weight in gold. Today we would like to express our special thanks to the volunteers who, as part of employee volunteering, instead of fulfilling their duties towards the company, fulfilled those towards the most needy, whom we host at the Expo.
Thank you to Citibank employees for a great job!